Wireless Network


Designing the most cost-efficient network fulfilling the requirements of the mobile broadband evolution is key to every operator. Realizing the microwave network is challenged with growing capacity needs, Copilot’s network designers take care to minimize the CapEx impact.

The operational issues for an existing network are also audited and optimized to ensure network assets are maximally performed. Copilot has a unique position in understanding next generation mobile broadband and the impact new features and services will have on an existing transport network.

Design | Planning | Optimization

  • E2E MW Mobile Backhaul Design
  • MW audit for Mobile Network
  • MW optimization for KPI improvements
  • MW Node configuration

As network operators crave efficiency, there is an effort to maximize the return with minimum expense. Planning a network with the smallest amount of base stations needed to meet service requirements is the way to do this.

Copilot’s designs cover a wide range of radio systems by leveraging multi-standard, multi-band & multi-layer architectures and ensure the services meet mobile broadband, CRAN, IoT and other requirements of the network. Copilot also is capable of building and maintaining these networks with certified personnel for tower site work.

  • Radio KPI optimization for 2G,3G & LTE
  • Trace analysis for 3G & LTE
  • Coverage Prediction for 2G,3G & LTE for existing & new sites
  • Site planning for new & infill sites
  • Small cell & Radio DOT design
  • Capcity Planning
  • BoQ design

Copilot designs and builds indoor and outdoor small cell networks to ensure seamless communications as people move around. In-Building Small Cells are an ideal choice for enabling wireless connectivity throughout any environment. This is also critical to future proofing building infrastructure.

Copilot’s solutions create new opportunities for venue-based network development allowing building owners and visitors to experience robust wireless connectivity. We reduce time, cost and complexities that are associated with in building networks.