Copilot designs, builds, and maintains Fiber Networks of various types. Copilot leverages ArcGIS and other smart Geospatial tools to support the short term buildout as well as long term maintenance of Fiber Networks. A well recorded network is easier to maintain and reduces OpEx costs.

Copilot has experience working with Corning and Commscope solutions as well as Air Blown Fiber manufacturers such as Hexatronic and Emtelle. Copilot also has designed and built ISP networks working with Calix and Adtran equipment.

Service Area
  • FTTH/FTTB Design
  • FTTC/FTTN Design
  • FTT-Cell Design
  • HFC Design
  • Inside plant services
Service Type
  • SFU, MDU, Comercial
  • SFU, MDU, Comercial
  • 3G,4G,5G Backhaul
  • SFU, MDU, Comercial
  • Site, Rack, Equipment & Layout design

Copilot designs and builds cost-efficient transport networks which include both fronthaul & backhaul systems to meet network evolution needs. Copilot ensures the right switch & link capacity products. Both active and passive optical solutions are available and can be complemented with a wireless microwave connection.

  • E2E SDH Mobile Backhaul Design
  • Optical audit for Mobile Network
  • Optical optimization for KPI improvements
  • DWDM/ASON audit for Mobile Network
  • DWDM optimization for KPI improvements
  • DWDM Node configuration